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The accepted Talks on the Snap!Con website are still unscheduled - do you know when they will be scheduled? I wonder if there is any way to have one's Lightening Talk scheduled not in the last day (because the day after the last day a travel is planned)?


Sorry for the delay. We have a tentative schedule; I'm surprised you didn't get email about it, but I'll check. Lightning talks are Thurs and Fri, 17:40 to 18:50 UTC.

Thank you.

So, it turns out nobody has transferred the schedule from the spreadsheet we did it in to the conference software; that's why you (and everyone else) haven't been officially notified. We'll do that soon...

The "Lightning Talks" seem to be scheduled 10:45 - 11:30am UTC (the first two days of conference), and not 17:30 - 18:50 UTC

Do I understand correctly?

I think all times are local time in Berkeley, as the day started at 8am their time last year.

They are on PDT - so use an online time zone convertor to find out what times are what in your own time zone :slight_smile:

If your get to this page and click on the time - it tells you what the time is in your own timezone :slight_smile:

That's super helpful. Thank you, Simon!

An actual useful schedule with times in all our users' common time zones is at

Oh, thank you. I really like spreadsheets more than data shown on website.

Hi, I have two validated proposals.
Can you tell me how, concretely, this will play out: is it going to be a zoom session ?
Right now, I am preparing my keynotes in 16:9 display format, do you think it will fit?

Yes, Zoom. My guess is that Zoom will letterbox your slides but it'll work. See you soon!

If anyone plans to play a video and sound, for example included in a slide, it seems that both "sharing computer sound" and "optimization option" need to be enabled first as shown here at 4min 17sec into the tutorial.


I like it how all the times are now in my local (browser's) timezone. Thank you!

When I try to join a session (with a link to it says You are not authorized to access this page. in yellow and redirects me to Snap!Con 2021. How do I join?

We are all having same problem

Ok. Hopefully someone fixes it before it starts.

This is now fixed, right?