My scripts and hat blocks

I was wondering if we could include hat blocks when using the my scripts reporter?

And then allow them to be split as well please :slight_smile:

This is such a good idea!

While I agree with you, I do have to mention. If this was in snap, you'd get hat blocks in rings, which, right now, dosn' work very well. Here's the hat blocks in grey rings, done by editing the xml.

That looks very interesting :slight_smile:

My ultimate aim is to get

hat blocks in grey rings script pic

to report this instead


Yeah... Until now, there has never been any reason to put a hat block in a ring because the ring reports a function that has to be called/run to do whatever it does. It doesn't mean anything to call/run a hat block -- what would that do?

But now we have rings doing double duty; in the metaprogramming blocks we more or less "unwrap" the code from inside the ring to use the blocks as data, and in that context, yes, it does mean something to put a hat block in a wrapper (ring).

So I imagine Jens will get around to doing something about hat blocks as data eventually. But it's not high priority, I think.

I've been wanting to try

[scratchblocks] forever run ( { when key [space v] pressed:: control hat say [test lol]} @addInput :: grey ring):: control [/scratchblocks]

forever to see if it will work

also it took me 20 minutes to make this message

Try using the block to define another block.

this happens...

hat blocks in grey rings script pic


Here is a project you can experiment with:


xml hack w0w

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Ill just not ask him to do it

This would actually be semi-useful if your TEST block could have a FOR loop that generates a WHEN KEY PRESSED script for every key.

But it's not useful to have a loop that always picks the same key! Presumably once you've done it once, the script stays around forever.


@joecooldoo, the thing im replying to

I'd say create your own website specifically for snap

ok, i just want to avoid unwanted traffic to the snap forums

If you need to, I can host the website for you.

ok, gtg to lunch