My school IP is STILL blocked

I've been trying to work on my school projects during this time when its allowed, but it is still blocked from last year when I accidentally did the /admin thing and got banned.

I really want to show my projects to my school but I can't since I'm IP Banned.
Please help me with this and guys don't turn this into something off topic I need this fixed.

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Your IP 152.22.x.y isn't banned. Do you have a different one at school?

Maybe the one starting with 152.26

or this on start with 10.3.120

Hey, you can find your public IP here:

Send them an email! Thats what I did and I got un-IP banned

PS: Thanks, Bernat

who do i email?

Send an email to

No IPs with these patterns are banned. Are you sure your school is IP-banned? What is the message you're getting from us?

Otherwise, can you find the actual outside-facing IP for your school and give us the first or last digits?


it used to be that i would go to the website, and an a alert would show up saying "Error: your account has been IP banned" but would let me access the website but I couldn't log in or play projects. now Its just a black screen that shows text: your IP has been banned or something.

The black screen is the right thing to show when an IP is banned. I doubt you ever got anything else, since that check is made right when the first request from a client comes in, and prevents any further access. If you ever got something else, it means it was not an IP ban in the past.

Can you try to find out your public facing IP so I can unban it?

Ok! thank you.

Try the one that starts with 152.26.234 (there's one single number after it)

it should be saying

Error: Could not fetch projects

Your IP has been banned from the system.

Thats what it used to say. it doesn't say that anymore for me.


to clarify: are we talking about the forums or main site.

Main site I assume, because it only blacklisted mine for that one?

If you're saying that there are only ten addresses to try, that's not very computer-intensive to break!

the last is (.5) sorry, i was buzy when I wrote it I hope you can fix it.

the main site, logging into the .html

That IP is also not banned!

This is puzzling. If you're awake now, let's try something...

PLEASE, OTHERS: refrain from clicking on this link. It will make my life harder :slight_smile:

Can you access from a computer in your school so that I can figure out what IP you're calling from?