My new snap based chat system

I’ve created a chat system using mqtt where you can talk to anyone in your chatroom thanks to text to speech and other libraries I would like some feedback
link: link has been removed due to it being agenst the rules if i am allowed to put it back up i will

chatrooms aren't allowed unless they have good moderation

what do you mean

I don’t record the chats

Promoting chatrooms can be considered as off-site meetings and as such are banned by Snap! forum rules

ok I just wanted to make texting with snap but I guess I’ll un share it

@bh is this true

We're not particularly happy about it, but these days your parents (collectively, not yours specifically) are all worried about you getting kidnapped by some psychopath, and we can't 100% promise that that can't happen in an unmoderated forum. (We can't really promise it in this forum either; we don't have the dedicated moderation staff to ensure that every post is read promptly. We rely on you to police the forum, via the flag mechanism.)

If this were the 20th century we wouldn't need the rule.

I think it's more like, some parents and the government, although I know nothing about this topic.

so should i add an anti swear and stuff like that

and also anti-personal-info-sharing system... heck just do something like Roblox filter that just deletes anything that could mildly relate to that

Those ideas don't address the salient issue. We really couldn't care less what you say (within reason). The issue is that some bad and/or crazy adult will strike up a conversation with one of you, pretending to be a kid, and lure you into a f2f meeting at which he'll knock you out, throw you in the back of his white van (it's always a white van in the novels, I don't know about rl), and cart you off to some secret location where your screams won't be heard as he tears your limbs off.

Such events are very, very, very rare -- most abused kids know their abusers -- but, you know, one is one too many. This is why your parents tell you not to take candy from strangers. And it's why we can't have unsupervised chats.

Right now you're thinking of a dozen other web sites where you can have unsupervised chats. But in most of those sites, you signed something when you got your account swearing that you're over 18, or maybe over 13, depending on where you live. If you get abducted by way of one of those sites, the people who run it will say "we thought s/he was an adult! We specifically deny service to kids." But those of us who make programming languages for kids can't exactly say that. (If the proposed new US law currently under discussion is passed, you'll have to be able to prove you're an adult to create an account, most likely by live-video-chatting with their computer while holding up your drivers license (which has both your birth date and your photo) so they can check if you look like its picture.)

PS Yeah, you have to be an idiot to arrange a f2f meeting with someone you haven't met f2f before unless you have some trusted adult with you. I agree. But unfortunately, being smart about programming computers doesn't necessarily make you smart about this stuff, and alas this is exactly the sort of thing that kids tend to be especially stupid about, not just tiny kids but teenagers too. (Maybe teenagers especially.) And no matter how stupid you are, your parents aren't going to blame you; they're going to blame us.


hey so im making a picto-chat remake for my ds simulator, is that okay?

It will have room codes, so there is no global chat

That backfired horribly for Roblox though, as in some flight simulator games like PTFS you can''t say stuff like "Air Canada 235, requesting a landing at Greater Rockford from 3-6 Right, heading 280 and airspeed 180 knots." It just censors the ENTIRE thing. Not just the words "Greater Rockford".

But Chats are different than Roleplaying Games so...guess you can just use that sort of filter.

i have room codes too

but my thing doesnt work anymore

I don't know about picto-chat, and I don't know what a room code is. Could you please elucidate?

a room code is basicaly a chat id so you can only chat to people with the same room code as you

pictochat was an app that was included with the ds where you could draw little pictures and send them to nearby users