My new snap based chat system

Wait, Brian, if I made a game LIKE 20 Questions on Snap!, would it count as an un-moderated chat (and thus it breaks Snap's Rules)?

oh wow i never knew that

C'mon, all definitions have edge cases, you know that. (You read it in Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations.)

So, to answer your question, (1) This is one reason we don't have an official cloud variable mechanism; (2) If people started using your game to chat, rather than to play the game, then yeah, we'd have to unpublish it; (3) If we thought you intended for people to use it that way, we'd be mad at you.

picto chat was an app with the nintendo ds where you could draw pictures and chat.
It had 4 rooms, with 16 people allowed in each room at a time, and you could only chat with people in your area. My version will have unlimited rooms, but you need to know the room code/id..

For example, I could be talking with @codegang on room code hf73heh, while you and @slate_technologies could be talking on roomcode 8du2jzh. Room codes aren't posted publically.