Music Shop

Music Shop

First shop on the new forums!

Get your music here for free... It’s hard to find free non-copyrighted music (without getting malware). So you can request music for us to make, and we'll make it. Fast music, calm music, all that stuff. All requests are manually handled by @spacer or a volunteer.

Please look at the Music Library before placing a order.


  • Can I use the music on another website? - It depends. Generally it's whether or not the site is for coding. We do this because we need to limit the requests coming in per day. And this seems like a bright-line rule so it shouldn’t be too confusing.
  • How would the music sound? - Unless you specifically request how it sounds, you’ll get some 8-bit music because it’s easy to make. If you request something else then me or a volunteer may do it for you. And since music making is hard, and we can’t know exactly what the volunteer is planning to do, it may take a long time.
  • Who are the volunteers? - spacer, Sir_kitten2, and (vacant).

Actually, there used to be a ton of shop topics long ago, but they killed the shops category.

Fixed it. Thanks for your suggestion, @helicoptur.

@spacer can you close this and ill make a multipurpose shop

please stop trying to take over topics and make them your own.

not trying too, trying to change what the shop makes

just make your own shop with your own products.

besides spacer will have control over my shop

then just have him edit this one to include whatever else. there's no point in making a new topic.

just nvm

hey @spacer can you change the name of the shop to

:sunny:ⓢⓔⓐⓢⓞⓝⓢ ⓢⓗⓞⓟ :sunny:

what's with the emojis and bubble letters?

What I used for my old shop on scratch

so you ARE trying to take over the topic.

nah I just like the name

then why are you telling him to, instead of suggesting?
edit: for the thousandth time reply to the topic and not the last post please

also whats a good tool for making 8-bit music?
Be careful as there is a chat, but warning you should be enough.

Edit: okay i swear yall are doing this to annoy me specifically now

any requests anyone has?