Let's make an music game collaboration.

um what

Do you mean like a rhythm game?

yes, I do.

yes @helicoptur

so uhh.. let's get working? I mean like we kinda need to?

well we first need to make some open-source music

yeah, let's do this with the Music Shop, let's order some music sorta?

Why is everyone acting so strange?

I do think I know why
Your username is music and you making music game, it is quite

how is that weird? @coder2195snap

lets say I have a project called coder2195snap
isn't that weird

or I have a game called coder2195snap game

I deleted the post. When you delete a post, it will be replaced with that text

I mean why is @spacer acting so weird

for reasons

Sure! I'm thinking of making something like the game "Music Moment" on the NES, or "BeatSaber", or "Friday Funkin" where you do something like press a key or a button or catch some music notes to play a tune.

that's it

Don't forget PaRappa the Rapper!