Version 2.2.1

~ Tutorial
~ File Explorer
~ Digital Notebook
~ Virus
~ OS Recovery

Put this link in.

There is an error when you load the OS. It says "Error: Expecting list but getting text"

This happens when there is only the "Back" icon folder in the File Explorer.

This glitch only happens when you open the project, turn on JavaScript Extensions, and then go back to press the green flag again (AKA run it again).


<div align="center"><a href=></a></div>


We need to make an os like Scratch’s Blue OS

New Update
Version 1.1.1

What's New:
~ Digital Notebook

wow. this is epic!


Uhhh... Woah.

Looks like this OS is having a fit. :~|


You think, ay?

@joecooldoo what are these extra files here for? I can't open them!
Are they basically there just for show?

They're pretend "important files". Soon you'll be able to delete them :wink:

"They're" or "They are"

I don't know how to delete files.

Edit: I thought you were asking which "th" word joecooldoo meant.

What? Why are you quoting me?

I said

OK then.

I agree that we should make an OS like Blue OS. But Snap! doesn't have a good system or paint editor. Unless we can afford a computer we can all share ONLY for Art which has more memory than all our computers combined, I don't think there would be a Blue OS anytime soon.