Is 64 gigs enough?

That was sarcasm, but yes and no.

Ummm... Okay.

Just delete the image files when you're done!!! It's not that hard!!!

I added a virus!

I'm planning on making an antivirus to go with that.

New Update
Version 2.2.1

What's New:
~ Virus
~ Files are Saved to Browser
~ File Recovery System (FRS)

Notable Changes:
~ Added Working Backspace Button to the Notebook App
~ Extra Stuff Added to Virus

~ File Recovery System doesn't recover your files, it replaces them with the default file structure. FRS only activates if something is wrong with the files.

MultiOS but with Antivirus: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

The antivirus basically deletes the "virus times run" variable so that the script wouldn't be able to detect it.

The challenge was to make an antivirus without deleting or adding any code of mine to the virus script to make it feel like a real antivirus and not a scripted one. However, this does pose problems like the error you get saying "Error: Variable "virus times run" does not exist in the current context."

But I'd like to see your opinions on it!

If you needed 64gb for a computer for art only then the project wouldn't even upload to scratch or snap (plus your browser would crash)

Cool, but maybe try to figure out how to not show the error. (Hint: The virus only runs if the variable virus times run is equal to 1.)

Oh yeah I forgot to mention: I actually had several iterations of this code. I did

set (virus times run) to (0)
[end forever]


change (virus times run) by (-1)
[end forever]

but they didn't work.

An error when I opened MultiOS: