Multi person editing

I love making games with my friends but it’s a little hard when only one of us can code things at a time

I think it would be cool if multiple people could change the code at a time
and see each other’s edits in real time
let me know what you think about this

if you don’t like this idea please tell me why

I do like the idea, but to see each other's edits in real-time, you'd have to have automatic saving, and if it takes a few seconds to save a project at a time, then they'd have to fix that. Also, with automatic saving, it might be at times where you don't want it. But if the project is really big, what can they do about it? Maybe they could only save whatever has changed, that way it won't take as long.

I don’t know about that
but there are apps that can do that

Like what? How will they fix this issue?

How do you propose they:

  • Host this
  • Make secure connections
  • Make sure random people can’t join
  • Make sure you can’t use it to private chat

Those are good suggestions, but it doesn't fix the problem I issued.

They aren’t suggestions, they are (probably impossible to solve) issues with this

Well, it still doesn't solve the problem I issued. To see changes in real-time, you'd need to save the project automatically, and it may save the project at times when it is inconvenient. It may write over other people's changes, but this could be solved by only saving what was changed. But then the problem would still be caused if two people edit the same script. Your solutions do solve problems, but not the problems I mentioned.

I don’t think you would need to save automatically, that’s not what this is suggesting
Also it’s not solutions it’s listing even more issues

You might be interested in NetsBlox. That is made for easier networking in snap, but it can be used as just snap. The best part is, it allows for collaborative editing, which is what you want.

It isn't based on the latest version of Snap!.

it’s really cool
I can’t believe I didn’t know about this before

But it does try to stay up to date sometimes. It did get the 6.0 update with hyperblocks (I don't know if that was the last snap update they had). The reason why they don't always stay up to date with snap is because NetsBlox is a huge mod, one that modifies a lot of code, so it's probably a bit harder to stay up to date without breaking things.

It is missing a lot of features but it also adds a ton
Still sodesnt make up for the lack of

  • anything that uses the gear icon in input creator
  • metaprogramming

It’s got a lot of cool other things though like custom libraries

The idea is a good one :slight_smile:

It has been achieved in the past, but as with a lot of projects, the authors stopped supporting their efforts and therefore it doesn't work with the latest version of Snap!

This is absolutely possible that’s not the issue. The issue is money and the fact it allows private chatting

Money is a big issue, but if Snap! can allow projects at all, and we aren't talking any more space, then what they're already using. Since the Snap! forums already has private chatting, there'd be no use for chatting using multi-person editing. You'd have to go to the forums to ask somebody to join your private chat, so then everybody will know what you're trying to do.

Does it? I’m (or was) not aware of that. How does it work?

Wait, it actually doesn't. Oops. I didnt check my source. That would mean it's not allowed anywhere, so we need to prevent that.