Move Shop and Collaborations to a New Category Preferably Called Requests

Shop and Collaborations are currently in Share Your Projects. But they do not quite fit the title and context of Share Your Projects. Thus new users may fail to find out them. Therefore, I request you to move it to a new (preferably called Requests)category. Thank you.


If it's called "Requests" do we move feature requests there too?

No. It is for requests to the community not you (devs). Understanding this should not be a matter for new users because Scratch also has it almost the same way.

Could it be "Requests to Users" or something like that?

Just this minute I found a new thread in Mods that belongs in Help with Snap!, so anything we can do to help users navigate would be good.

5 posts were merged into an existing topic: It just won't work. (Problem with GET/POST/PUT/DELETE block and a text genorator website)

3 posts were merged into an existing topic: It just won't work. (Problem with GET/POST/PUT/DELETE block and a text genorator website)

Yeah that would be good. To be honest, I feel so annoyed when I see posts and topics at the wrong place.

Do we have a Shops category?

no, I just copy-pasted the title into the text of the link. and imo collaborations should still be its own thing too.

It was killed due do chatting or something like that.

(Moved here so as not to hijack @earthrulerr's topic.)

Right now Collabs is its own toplevel topic, so I'm not sure making a supercategory Requests would clarify anything. Could you elaborate?

As I said in my original post,

Things like logo requests etc.

Ah, okay, I get it. Can't do it this minute but I will.

Their should be an Art cat, also Contest cat.

Edit: Well the Colab cat is good by itself and should not be added into one topic. User request would include Contests, Art, etc. The Colab cat should stay and their should be a new topic User Requests.

Edit to mods: I honestly do not think their is enough topics. Their should also be User Request as above, Tutorial Art, and others. Y'all should fix a somewhat bug on Mobile devices were if you are on the Website you can not create Collections or click the drop down menu at the top right of your screen but you can on Laptop. Also if you do a Say block in a sprite and put a certain amount of characters it breaks the Dialog Box. Another small bug that may not be fixable is when shrinking a sprite with an Costume it gets a bit blurry.

Sorry I know its a big request but it is mostly small bugs and a few suggestions.

thats a lot of cats

i just feel like we just need the art cat, because it can pretty much act like a two in one where you can host contests and showcase projects with your art.

How about we put them all in User Requests?

User Request (Art, Contests, other)

They are all related so yeah.