Merge "Requests to the Community" with "Help with Snap!"

For some reason, I kind of feel that topics that goes into the "Requests to the Community" category also fits in the "Help with Snap!" category. For example, shops are basically topics that others can ask for help and collaborations are some users helping each other on one big project.

This is also another solution to the issue mentioned in Move Shop and Collaborations to a New Category Preferably Called Requests

I don't have strong feelings about this, but there was a strong sentiment for creating the "requests to the community" category in the first place. I think what it really means is "requests to the user community, not the staff." So for example I'm very likely to answer a "help with Snap!" request (which generally means "help me understand something about Snap! itself" or "help me debug my program") but unlikely to answer a collab thread.

Oh thanks. I misunderstood the purpose of Help with Snap! because there are some topics asking "How do I program this?" questions.

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