Mistakes in Bengali, বাংলা Translation

There are mistakes in the বাংলা(Bangla) translation of Snap!. Some are wrong, some are not used in the language now and some are not translated at all! Here are some examples:
https://www.bing.com/images/blob?bcid=SyKugvBgtNEA8A or https://www.bing.com/images/blob?bcid=SyKugvBgtNEA8A&toWww=1&redig=F9D9606E39874EE19FC82E3C1848C8A2
This is a pen block. This block is not entirely translated. The only thing translated in it is "Hello!".
This is a control block which was supposed to mean, "When green flag clicked". But the words written on it mean, "When you click green flag". Which should have been, "যখন সবুজ পতাকা ক্লিক করা হবে".
block s
This is a sensing block which was supposed to mean "mouse down?". But it actually means "mouse (button) clicked?" It should have been, "মাউস নিচে গিয়েছে?".
These are only a few examples. There are mistakes in every category. I request you to change them.

The image doesn't work!
To get an image, just drag the file from your computer onto the browser window. You don't have to post a link, and the links don't even work for me. So I can't see what your images are.

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I tried in different browsers, and it worked.

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Here are the pictures according to their serial:
block s

I will be adding more examples of mistakes.

Now we can see the images. Thanks.

You are welcome.


I will mail Dr. Mokter Hossain (current Bangla translator) to check this and we can fix these issues.


Thank you very much. And please remember...

New one:
This one is not translated at all.