I found some werid accounts.
there is @bh1 @bh2
and @18001767679cymplecyp
(did not find where to post this)

Lol well, I think they are probably all or mostly alternate accounts. Idk why someone would impersonate a Snap! user.

Okay, well then fair enough on your part.

But @bh1 and @bh2 look more like alt accounts. I personally have a few alt accounts myself, @ego-lay-3 and @ego-lay_api-test. I've had more, but it looks like I deleted them (hints why ego-lay-3 has a 3).

Edit: wait actually, I didn't delete @egolay_atmanbay-2

I couldn't mention it like my other alts, because I can't mention more than 2 users in a post

Oh ok.

lol thats me

they aren't.I made them to demonstrate a flaw which apparently isn't a flaw. The real bh didn't know thing and IP banned those account, which got me ip banned (forums). Its fixed now tho

All it took was a slightly harsh email conversation, but ts fine :D

That's a spammer who likes to try to crash people's servers, mostly mine.

grrr impersonation