What happened to oscar robinson

He got muted.

Maybe because of that hacke - I, I mean - spammer.

I got temp-banned once, and my profile did have the "user is suspended" banner.

i've never been banned

I have been banned once. Not telling you why.

I was suspended for at least a day, and it showed on my profile as @helicoptur said.

No, I made a fake bh account with a fake lattin h, wanted him to pm me so i kept replying a comment so i could tell him this, and he should fix it but apparently he deleted it 3 times, but i just logged it, not create a new account, and then he ip banned me.

It was not fun, dont do it.

Edit: Bh and I had a long kinda harsh conversation via email



i have never been banned here before considering im pretty inactive due to me having stuff to do outside of snap (shocking)

im just messing with the save and multiplayer scripts over on scratch

Well, as I said, it wasn't the first time you were warned.

If it makes you feel any better, when I was about 15 years old, I was on the receiving end of such a conversation. I didn't enjoy it, but I stopped being annoying.


Same here.

Hey! Its been a while!

Hey, I'm curious, what did you do?

Oh, just annoyingly following the head system programmer around while he was trying to do stuff, me trying to start a conversation on an irrelevant topic. I was very clueless about what people found annoying.

So, what I did?

More or less, except face to face, not computer-mediated. So I had less of an excuse for not getting it, since I could see his face and body language.

Back then, they hadn't invented the idea of an autism spectrum; "autistic" meant people who sat facing the corner and shook their bodies without ever saying anything, i.e., the most extreme end of what's now a spectrum. I think had there been such an idea when I was a kid, I would have been diagnosed as mildly autistic, and they would have taught me explicitly how people are supposed to interact. But instead I was just diagnosed as weird and nerdy.

This makes me so angry. I am autistic, but I dont do this, and people at school really saying "oh but you dont look weird, so you dont have autism" like bruh i have autism not down-syndrum and "but you dont act autistic" bruh you call me an idiot because i take in information longer and make the same mistakes, THOSE ARE LITERALLY THINGS AUTISTIC PEOPLE USUALLY DO. This whole paragraph makes me so angry lol, people are dumb

I can go over everything i do if you want

Sorry. I was describing how people thought about autism when I was a kid, ≈65 years ago. Anyone who could carry on a conversation wasn't considered autistic back then. So, in particular, someone like me who was smart and largely functional wasn't officially diagnosed as anything, but just seemed a little strange. You're lucky that today you get an official diagnosis, informed special help in and out of school, etc. Your peers who don't understand all that are just ignorant. Best if you can ignore them, or maybe calmly explain that what counts as autism has changed since people thought as they think.

Uhhh, well its undiagnosed so I dont get help, but it isnt too bad. I just say and do random things at random times, which honestly is really embarrassing 2 seconds after you do it, and learn things a bit slower, but after school online tutoring helps a bunch