Minimal RAM simulation
Simulates a CPU with an instrucion set of 2
Turing completeness is questionable(cuz dk if jumps with no predicate counts)
if a number is even add one to the place its pointing to
if a number is odd set the pointer to what the pointed number says God.

Can you make a Snap! Version?

A Turing-complete single instruction processor has as its single instruction Subtract and Branch if Negative with three operands (A, B, C) that does

A ← A − B
if (new) A < 0, branch to instruction at location C

easilly cuz its no more than 20 lines of code
wait its not easy
snap does not give out index errors

yeah thats what im worrying about,i dont think that my branch always is good enough

just rereaded that and are you trying to say that i should merge my instructions?
the purpose of this thing is to make every instruction only one parameter not every parameter only one instruction lol

If you made that Esolang make sure to credit yourself*


I mean just make sure to credit yourself, people won’t know who made it and may need to cite it. No worries.

I’ll do it, give me your Esolang username. (I’ll also add categories and such to the article)


did it already,it goes in languages

Oh alright, can you tell me so that I can do credentials properly like what it is in total (esoteric, joke language, programming language,etc)

i think its an estoric language and a celll based turing complete thing?
cuz i found it not invent it(by finding the greatest common denominator of the 74181 and the irregister)

Done, you can also create your user page User:Imcute - Esolang

oh oops ok

No worries lol!

done lol

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