Messing with devmode is fun!

Being able to mess with morphs is pretty cool!

You should try messing with blocks themselves.
Screenshot 2024-02-08 16.10.32

a HatBlockMorph ("when %greenflag clicked...")

after a while i got the ide_morph(the morph that contains snap! itself) to smear

Now we can finally mess with any block of dreams!

We can even make suggestions with accurate-looking hats!


Shift-click the Snap! logo, and click enter devmode. Then, right-click a morph (including blocks) to change their properties.

yes, ik but to change the shapes of the blocks like insert_user_name

I think you can resize them w/ a right click.

I right-clicked on the block and then chose the inspect option, there's tons of things you can change, including turning hat blocks into camels like my post.
Screenshot 2024-02-14 16.02.14

yes that's my question

I wouldn't really call this an issue, necessarily, but all of the inputs in the inspect menu are string converted.
new Point(2,2) as a string will return 2@2, new Rectangle(0, 0, 160, 80) as a string will return [0@0 | 160@80], and most other just return a SomethingMorph(data) where "Something" is the morph name. If you hadn't known about how each object is formatted as a string, this would be a major issue.

which is me

i dont know

soo, now what?

it means :man_facepalming:

i just said,

i said

because of

I think I'm just going to mute this topic.

Maybe I should too. Should we flag these posts?
Edit: yep.

If you duplicate or pick up a definition hat, you can make this cursed image (Ignore the weird Lisp stuff.):