Merge Two Projects?

I have two projects that I would like to merge. I would like to combine all of the custom blocks and all of the variables from both projects into a single program. Is there a way to do this?

Try Smerge. Upload both projects and "smerge" them.

Might be possible to get away with some copy and pasting of the xmls

(I'm assuming you've tried exporting and re-importing sprites and blocks etc)

Post links to both projects and lets see what's possible

I solved the immediate problem by converting each of the variables (which control drum loop sequences) to reporter blocks. I exported these blocks, imported them into the second project, and then converted them back into variables. This worked, but it seems as though there must be a more elegant way to do this.

As a follow-up question to my initial query, is there a way to export variables? (That would have solved the problem.) Thanks for the feedback and assistance!

@cymplecy Here's a link to the Drum Loop project:

(Note: Unfortunately the hyphen appears to force a link break in the URL, so the two halves will have to be pasted back together.

I can click on the link just fine. The line break is just auto-wrap.

@348663451y suggested Smerge; it's available on Github: GitHub - manzanillo/smerge: a version control system for school environments and Snap! using Djang. The public-facing seems no longer to exist, however.

Disclaimer: I've never used it myself.

If you import the create vars library and add this block

stage =  this.parentThatIsA(StageMorph);
return new List(stage.globalVariables().names())

you then get a way of getting all the vars and their values

untitled script pic (15)