MegaOS 2.0

it's for privacy and stuff. if you don't want a project to be able to popup file requests.
(it's not actually that useful, but OS simulators usually aren't.)

dont block it, just show an alert that the code can cause problems

I think blocking it would be simpler.
I have code in mind to disable a specific extension, but it could still be reloaded using a URL
(if you could help with figuring out how to scan the code for problematic blocks that would be cool)

I would need to figure out exactly how your doing this to do that

it's in the project. I'm using JS popup windows to display the project. I think it's possible for the parent window to run code on the child window, so I would use JS code to disable primitive functions (or scan for them)

JS code

create a window:

  function (url, http) {
   let n = + url, "", "_blank");
   return n

delete a window:

  function (win) {

check if a window is deleted

  function (win) {
   return win.closed

the JS code is in the "load the extension" block in the other category, and I haven't made code to run functions on the child window yet, but I'm working on it

by the way, your Taskr OS project looks pretty cool


you found it


by the way, I'm doing the JS work in this project

I added a console for commands. press C to open it, or run the "console" file in programs.
type help for a list of commands

can you add more commands that allows you to modify the os in some way

I will add more commands eventually. the current ones are just a starting point.
(I added a hidden "add" command that allows you to create new folders and files)

syntax for add

to add a folder:
add folder foldername filepath
to add a file:
add file filename filetype filecontents filepath
filepaths are like:

I actually finally figured out a fix for the bug in this project
See here

i dont understand what the problem with the XML is

There is no problem in the current project. In an old version, extra sprites that I didn’t make were appearing in the project and multiple of them had the same name. Since making all the variables that stored scripts in them transient fixed the problem, I think it has something to do with script contexts. that but for 223 hours

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