MegaOS 2.0 (part 2)

anyways, continuing the discussion from MegaOS 2.0.

I cleaned up the code a bit,

the next project is to add iframes.

Ok iframes have been added

.app files will no longer be launch-able, new .snapapp files will be used instead.

next I want to improve snapapps and add some default apps to help use the system more effectively.

got this on project start after i set my password
and this after logging in

yeah thats a known problem. it doesn't effect anything that I can see and I haven't got around to fixing it yet.

edit: I fixed the first error, but I can't reproduce the second one.

A new discussion starts whenever the previous one reaches like 150 messages or something. No need to post a new discussion!


did the error appear when you first opened the file window or did you do something else?

it happened after like a minute

ok that's weird.

I'm not sure what would cause that

its cool tho, i like how it interacts with the morphic snap is made of


hey im making a snap mod that has new blocks and stuff (and dark flat design), can i borrow some of your block code?

sure. which code were you wanting to use?

idk but ill show you some stuff i have made so far

heres a couple blocks (not all) and dark flat design so far


anyways im thinking the code for
as a potential dev mode option?

the blocks in IDE tools were not made by me.

that one in particular was made by @dardoro, and I found it in @loucheman's project.

I do not think neither @dardoro or @loucheman are active on the forums anymore, sadly.

I m not very active, but i read the forum every day...