MegaOS 2.0

MegaOS 2.0 is here!
currently this is just MegaOS but with a few more features and bug fixes, but I have some pretty big things planned!
I would appreciate help with the project.
now go check it out!

@joecooldoo you were interested in this project before, and I have a lot of new feature ideas for it.

(please do not post on this topic, use the new one)

I feel like posting the f25 key meme but the snap gods wouldn't like that



ok then

moral of the story

maybe you shouldn't press the f25 key?


Should really be MegaOS 1.1 then. Major version numbers are for major changes! :~)

After typing my password, I received this error:

"Hmm...expecting a list but getting a text"

you are supposed to type in a ${list}
you are supposed to type in a [a List 2 elements]

that's strange...
that doesn't happen to me. could you try finding where in the code the error occurs?
ok, I think that's just a harmless error. I don't know what's causing it.

you're not supposed to type that anywhere actually...

probably. I just called it MegaOS 2.0 because that sounded better that just MegaOS 2.
it's a separate project from the original version. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

not a big selection of programs. but there's Vsafe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

and don't forget force crash!

I think that smiley is the high point of internet culture! I wish I had the creativity to invent things like that.

yeah it's awesome. helped invent Snap!...


I'm sorry, but how do you boot MegaOS 2.0? Do I have to select a file in BIOS?

it boots automatically when you run the project by clicking the flag

Are there any applications?