Mechanical 1B Memory Module

After 2 full months of development, it's finally here. The Mechanical 1B Memory Module is finally ready to be unveiled to the world.

I've been fascinated by mechanical stuff. I especially remember seeing someone calculate 0/0 on an Electromechanical Calculator and...

Spoiler alert

It counted from 0 to infinity with no end in sight.

After seeing that video, and looking at insides of watches, I was ready to make something mechanical and fascinating to entertain my interests in mechanical machines. And ready I was. I finished the mechanical memory module and you can 3D print it using the links I provided below.

To 3D print the memory module or see it, click on the corresponding links below:
Mechanical 1B Memory Module (ASSEMBLED): 3D design Mechanical 1B Memory Module (ASSEMBLED) | Tinkercad
Mechanical 1B Memory Module (PIECES): 3D design Mechanical 1B Memory Module (PIECES) | Tinkercad

To simulate how it works, here's a simulation link. Read the project notes before playing it.

If the project didn't work, here's a video!

Very nice. How does it store stuff?

Basically, there are 3 levers. 2 levers are sloped at the same angle, and one lever (Lever C) is horizontally stationary. If the opposing lever (Lever B) moves horizontally, then the other lever (Lever C) moves vertically, as the slopes convert horizontal linear motion into vertical linear motion.

The 1st remaining lever (Lever A) moves Lever B, but since they are isolated, then Lever A can move back to its original position without moving Lever B and so it has stored a number.

Mighty cool! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

(Also Merry Christmas to you and your family!)

Aww, thanks!

I wonder if anyone cares...

I do!

I think it's cool!

It's only been an hour, just because nobody has replied doesn't mean that no one cares

What are your opinions about it?

Can you make small video of how it work ?

If I ever get the time, then yes.

This Memory Module wouldn't have many applications or uses on real world devices. But I did design it because I like mechanical engineering and, to be honest, I want to make a Mechanical AI Guessing Game in the future.

First off very cool and good job on making the model itself. Sadly I can not print it since I do not own any 3D printers and do not think my school will allow me to use theirs to print this. If I were to print this, if you added some stuff couldn’t you make it store data?

Um...can you please rephrase that for me?

Is it possible to store data in it.

Yeah it is possible.

You can store any information, as long as the output is TRUE or FALSE, 1 or 0, or ON or OFF. Depends on how you call it or how you interpret it (Just like how it depends on how different languages say "Cling Film", "Aluminum", or "Hello")


For the pieces link where you can 3D print the pieces (Or lasercut) them for the 1B Memory Module, I made it so that it is easy to put pieces in and out. For the pieces that move left and right and are the pieces the User can operate, it was difficult (Or looked difficult) to put those pieces in between the constraining pieces. Now you can glue the constraining pieces and cut any excess to make it easy!

This is cool. You might enjoy the TinkerToy Tic-Tac-Toe Machine, which I built a tiny piece of. (Brian S. and Danny H. drafted anyone who showed up in the Logo lab during the project.)