Mathematical geometry of costume shap

I feel like that is really important when it comes to collision detection does anyone have an idea of how to do it

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buddy. thats half of collision detection lol.

It's 100% exact, pixel by pixel, detection.

im aware. nut now push an object so that you can have an actual collision detection. and do it with proper rotations

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That's going to be crazy!

wym. there are multiple algorithms for it


so its not that crazy

No, you don't get it! There's multiple, so you don't know which one's better, faster, and/or covers the most possibilities of collision until you try all of them!

actually i do


i did research lol


the idea for me it do be able to get a geometrical shape from a costume so i can calculate it

D'oh! Insert simpsons here
Sorry for misunderstanding!

so i was asking for help with that

I don't really know how to do that, sorry!

Are you wanting a polygon that circles the entire sprite?
The convex hull?
What do you want the resolution to be?

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