Make the main page more 3.0ish to guest users

If you visit two websites as guests, snap looks pretty old while Scratch 3 looks big and fluffy and inviting with way too oversized text telling you what to do. If you make the Snap! main page like this to only logged out users, then the people who don't like Scratch 3 (a lot of Snap users) would be happy, and the site would be way more inviting to new members. By the time somebody makes an account, they're probably gonna stay long enough to realize how much better Snap is than Scratch anyway, so they don't need the Scratch 3.0-like main page anymore.

You mean this bit?

You don't think this is comparable?

If we tried to make it a simpler "do this" Jens would want it to say "do media computation" and I'd want it to say "learn functional programming" and we'd have an argument. :~)

The overall "bubbly"-ness makes it feel more modern, but I do agree that when you have an account, the top ⅓ of the page is not super useful. In Snap!, this is true too.

Otherwise, Scratch really just has a better hierarchy than Snap!. Your eyes are clearly drawn to the places they want them, both through varying fonts and lots of contrast.

The design of our project thumbnails could use some work. There's not a lot of visual separation between the sections like there is on the scratch page.

Additionally, the welcome text, while not very long is not particularly easy to read. It's basically body text, it looks like an article not headlines.

And then it pushes the main (IMO) content--cool projects--down pretty far along the page. We should definitely work on this at some point.

It would be easy (I mean, no brilliant design needed) to replace the second paragraph with three buttons. (And, by the way, "editor" is not going to mean anything to a beginner. The button should say "just start programming.")

Yeah, that'd be good.

You could maybe invite new users to "do media computation, using MAP blocks"?


I'm saying that the whole featured projects and project lists don't have any boxes around them, while Scratch 3 has tons of fluffy boxes around EVERYTHING

Edit: maybe you should add a toggle in settings for this extra gui stuff

That won't help if it's for the benefit of new guests! :~)

I think the Snap! website looks way better than the old one. But I agree with the statement that the button is a bit hidden, so I like this idea:

What do you mean?

All the boxes around the project lists, buttons, and some text. I was using "extra gui stuff" to summarize what I said earlier in the post.

it would be if its on by default

Oh, I just meant that a preference setting wouldn't help new users, not that the whole idea wouldn't! An alternative would be On for newbies, off for everyone else, no preference. For example.


If the new users want to find out how to fix it, they can always use Help with Snap. Anyway, you should make a page for little-known features. Scratch had a ton of features I didn't figure out for years, and they really need a page like that. It would be great if snap just had a page saying cool little features like how to turn off zebra striping or, if this suggestion is accepted, how to turn off 3.0mode.

We've been resisting documenting shift-click features because we view them as temporary and/or experimental, subject to change or removal. Sounds like a great task for a wiki, which could be quickly responsive to changes.

What are votes, and why does this topic have an option to vote on it?


woah those are new everyone click it to see what it does
i hope it means this gets accepted lol

When I click it, it just increments the count.

All voting does is give counts to threads saying who’s interested.

It was a setting, so I thought it would be worth trying for the feature requests category.