Main website logs me out of it when i close it

unless i do the stay logged in option,everytime i close snap or get redirected to forums i'm always logged out of the main site which is annoying AS SPLAT(splatoon cuss word,not irl cuss word).Is there any way to fix this if this is a bug?

Me too

This is not a bug. If you do not use the Stay logged in option, cookies are not saved to your browser so Snap! does not have any way of remembering your sessions. The same goes for clearing your cookies.

its annoying though.I hate having to log back into both if i get redirected to the main site from the forums...i feel like its a bug

Umm... If you want to stay logged in, select "stay logged in"... If you don't select "stay logged in", you won't stay logged in.
If you have a personal computer or you share it with people you trust, select "stay logged in"; if you use a public computer or you can't trust everybody that uses the computer, don't select "stay logged in".

Even then,if i log out of my computer everything resets,which gets really annoying if your working on a collab

So you're saying that selecting "stay logged in" doesn't actually keep you logged in? If that's the case, then

should be fixed

Alright. I probably misunderstood you. I can reproduce this on my Android phone but not on my Windows 10 PC.

i use the latest Chromebook i think,but this happens alot,and i have yet to test this on my galaxy a10e

Mr.Harvey(@bh) or Mr.@bromagosa is this a glitch

Not sure I follow you. Are you saying that not checking "keep me logged in" doesn't, well, keep you logged in? :man_shrugging:

Or am I missing something?

@cycomachead, do you think there may be some sort of an SSO problem with Discourse with non-permanent logins?

But that's the expected behavior if you don't check "keep me logged in", isn't it?

Well even if i do that option,it's not permanent and i don't know about if other forums using discourse do this or not

Hmm. I haven't logged into Snap! for weeks. It works fine for me. Let's wait for Michael to chime in, maybe he'll have some insights...

probably not useful,but this has happened to me on Scratch before with closing the website while logged in.(not a gripe about scratch,but a similar thing that happened to me with having to log in again)

do you have cookies enabled for the snap forums and the snap community site?

Is this checked?

i tried that

Strange I never had this problem

what device do you use?