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Dev Topics: Calculator. Calculator UI setup. Any bug reports.

Lunar OS: Snap! 6.9.0 Build Your Own Blocks


...there was already a development topic about it...

That topic went bye bye. This is the new dev topic.

No, it's still very much active.

New project lead, that topic was by sir kitten who left the dev team so I just created a new one.

@joecooldoo Do you know how to make a calculator? If so please tell me. Also all any app ideas?

Wait, but he made me leader...

Oof, you butchered the project. Please use my latest version and add apps. P.S. You cant turn darkmode back off.

Update: you can now override safe mode.

sure. add onto this: Snap! 6.9.0 Build Your Own Blocks

weird glitch. I fixed it, though.

ugh. i post the update. keep your project running.

nvr mind reload the webpage.

What is happening? Also you can turn off Dark Mode.

It works, don't know why it isnt working for them...

That version does not have settings.

@joecooldoo I am doing the update rn.

Edit: Sent

Did you use the latest version for your update?

No, let me check rn.