Logo Contest (Closed)

(I do not know what cat to put this under there should be a Art cat)

Hello everyone! Just like the intro contest this will involve some similar things!

In the logo if possible please add some of these things (some are required)
(Required) I would prefer a E in a cool font or style or Earth but not my full user.
(Optional) I would prefer you sue Black, white, grey, red, maybe blue but not cheesy blue. Note: NO YELLOW, GREEN, OR ORANGE! Lol.
(Required) a plain background.
(Optional) Please try to make it not just a circle or square try like a square but without straight lines like a rope zig zag style.
(Optional-ish) Please try to make it cool and good quality.


First: helicoptur

By participating in this contest you agree to allow me (earthrulerr) to use the logo made by you.

how's that?
also @bh please revisit:
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we need a "requests to users" category, which is also the category this topic would go in

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yellow green or yellow and green?

Both lol I should add commas.

Why did you call it Meow also good job!

That's the default costume name in the Scratch paint editor at llk.github.io/scratch-paint
I was too lazy to change it

Lol ok I have never used that.

Any other logos anyone? If not Helicobopter person is gonna win.

Yes I call all helicopters "Helicobopters"

sorry i am horrible at drawing logos
imma let helicoptur win

@helicoptur isn't a helicopter

Your right he is a helicoboptor.

please don't call me that.


thats bullying

wait how is that bullying???
i think they were just correcting the spelling from -er to -or (which is still wrong but ok)

I Didn’t flag and I was very intentional