Licenses, COPPA, and other legalisms (Part 1)

You CAN make your own TOS and privacy policy in wix. Perhaps I should make it.

but you still have to follow wix's TOS.

It is not shared with wix, it is shared with the creator of the website. You don't need to share every detail about you. We only use your email address for email notifications. Now please get on topic. This is about Snap! Jr, not the website.

That doesn't matter, its still a violation of COPPA.

Okay, first of all, you can't violate COPPA by providing information. Wix can, for collecting information, if it's a business. @joecooldoo can't, because he isn't a business.


Does this answer your question?

Or any license that's compatible e.g. MIT and GPL.

I don't care who is violating COPPA, all I care about is someone is.

How, why, who, and when.

No one has. But if I sign up for an account wix will have.

Not unless they actually know you're underage. As that FTC page you sent me makes clear, sites are not obliged to check up on users' claimed ages.

I know, my point is you shouldn't sign up for the website if age < 13.

Data is only stored for the website creators use. (Such as email notifications and invites)

It's the fact it is stored, not who actually sees it.

We've moved this argument to its own thread.

Yes but the post I was replying to was in this topic.

nm can't do it

Why? (Just curious)

I use the one in snap. not allowed to get on sites that I don't use for coding.

Also, PLEASE stop using Wix.