Library Jam

Library Jam is a "Game" Jam where (a) user/users have 3 days to make a library of blocks.
The library is judged by originality, utility, and effort. The event starts tomorrow (June 10th). You are allowed to be in a team. Hopefully this doesn't go as badly as the category jam


Caan we start now or do we start tomorrow?

you can start now

ok thanks!

I'll try to make something.


I think I've made something. Not done because it needs more things in it.

Wait, what time does the jam end?

I would love to join, except I have no ideas for libraries! If anyone could give me some that’s be great and I’d join, or if I find one!

Actually, I might already have one, I’ll use this!
It uses custom blocks I’ve included in one of my previous custom block projects.

I finished!!!! Just in time, gotta go to sleep

heres one that kind of came together recently, its for dynamic script / block manipulation, syntax analysis, that sort of thing.

I'm just gonna clean up the blocks


Didn't you do this alread-

...and yet again, someone made me eat my own words. This always happens.

I'm just saying - what's the difference between a library and a category?

well when i made the category jam someone told me to name it library jam instead and said that they were different in a way.