Joy's Pizza World (Part 1)

have a variable to know the amount of health, and increase/decrease it when you grab pizza or go down in health otherwise. to see if they're hidden, make another variable called "hidden?" and set it to false or true. then get the heart sprites to hide or show based on whether it's true or not.
TL;DR variables.







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but it'd be too difficult

it probably wouldnt be as hard as you're imagining, make a list and store the clones in it maybe

how do you make a list
You can put sprites, clones, lists, commands, reporters, predicates, sounds, strings, numbers, booleans, and costumes into lists.

imma make a new player sprite so it matches with the rest of the characters

i thought up of a easier solution

it doesn't use vars, just image, image & show & hide blocks.

Don't use the when block for that.
[scratchblocks]when gf clicked::control
forever{if<touching[pizza v]?>{


yes @helicoptur is right:

Explanation behind this:

A game has a game loop. You check for stuff in a game loop with if statements.

is like making a game with event listeners instead of game loop

I just meant that the when block will make the stop block more annoying to use and run when it's not supposed to. If you use a stop this script block in a loop, it will stop checking and can be restarted later, but when blocks are always running, so if you put some sort of if statement inside it will keep checking or running that script anyway and lag the project.

Pretty neat I have no ideas for this currently but I will think of them but for sure, Jump Scares are a need.

Same with event listeners though, I just wanted to explain from JS perspective

thx imma soon make an update where you can get jumpscared and die if you touch the walls 2 times

probably near when im almost finished with the game

Hey imma work on scrolling oki?

Here is the scrolling function
You don't have to go through the pain of making this function.

Apply it onto a sprite like this:
Where 100 is, you can replace with chosen x, and where 300 is, chosen y. Experiment with the numbers until you find one that is comfortable

untitled script pic

Add the goto block to every sprite, the ones that set camX and camY aren't needed

?but i already made a scroll function?

what is that for?