Jens Featured in SAP Newsletter

Jens is featured in the current issue of the SAP Newsletter.

The article highlights the work of Jens and Brian:

Computer programming is at the heart of SAP and is a focal point of many educational offerings. A joint team of researchers at SAP and UC Berkeley are pushing the frontier of how interactive visual programming can broaden participation in computing without compromising on technical rigor or expressivity. The group’s work has recently drawn international attention.

Congratulations Jens!


good job Mr.Jens and Mr.Harvey(@bh)

good job

Congratulations to both Jens and Brian and others on the team!

Jens is his given name. His family name is Mönig. :~)

Thanks, Glen and everyone! It's good having visibility at SAP since half our staff depends on them for money. :~) And we're hoping to talk them into additional support.


SAP could not make a better investment than to provide resources and support for this initiative. It has already had a great return on investment ... with much more to come.

The Snap! group is a remarkable team. Thanks to everyone in this effort for providing remarkable tools and for creating an equally remarkable environment.