JavaScript code = 'url(""), auto';

why is this not working

The file should be a .cur (cursor image) or .ani (animated cursor) file. Everything else is fine.

how do i find that

how do i make it work

If you're on a Windows computer, you can install RealWorld Cursor Editor. You can also use Cursor.CC to create one online.

To link a .cur file that isn't already provided by a file provider, then you would have to convert the link to a Base64 link.

bro what. i didnt understand any of that

Me neither.

Okay, just try using as a url cursor. If that doesn't work, message me again.

works. now how can i make it with my own image

You can use a PNG to CUR converter. I've done it before.

i want to make it so that i can convert my costume to the curser. but once i have my cur file how do i get the link

Host it somewhere.


Create a base64 link. I.E. Go to this link, then upload your file as a Data URI, then enter it into a link like this:
'url("data:xxx/xxx,[...]"), auto'

bro. you arnt making sense. i want to be able to from within snap convert my costume to my curser

can you help

I am making it as clear as possible. You just aren't understanding what I mean.

from within snap i need to convert my costume to a cur and then turn that into a link

You could use an API, if you know how to get the png of a costume.

i can get the png of the costume. do you know how to do the API