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I'll do a quick DuckDuckGo for it...

wym. as long as it works ill be happy. but are you aware a png is a file. how are you gonna do that

Does this help?

do you wanna just help with the project

I've got my hands full at the moment.


Dim DummyVar As Image = Image.FromFile("image.png")
 Using stream As New MemoryStream()
  DummyVar.Save(stream, ImageFormat.Bmp)
 End Using

Dim frm As New Form
Dim pb As New PictureBox
pb.Image = DummyVar
frm.Cursor = New Cursor(DirectCast(pb.Image, Bitmap).GetHicon())

what about this

Here's a block that will set a cursor.

You can stick a costume in the first slot to set a custom cursor, and the offset x and y is used to position the image.

There are a few things to take note of

  • There is a size limit, which I don't know (and probably set by the browser or os).
  • When the custom cursor hits the edge of the screen, it turns into a pointer.
  • This block works with both svg and bitmap costumes.
  • The offset only works for a costume, not text (css cusor name).

whats the error block

testingworldd script pic
this doesnt work

The strings with a $ in it have to use backticks `, not regular quotes.

The best thing to do is drag and drop the image into snap to get the original code.

testingworldd script pic (1)

Drag and drop this image into snap

just creating an image

Right click the costume, and click "get blocks". If that doesn't show up, click the image on the forum, then drag and drop the bigger image into snap.

Edit: apparently resizing the image broke it. Try dragging and dropping the image into snap now (sorry).