Jargon file



Huh. I swear "it says here" used to be in the jargon file, but it seems to have disappeared. It means "Someone or something says this and I'm too lazy to research it."

Jargon file?

The original version of what was later published as The Hacker's Dictionary.

If it's online, can you give me a link?

Here you go: The Jargon File. But this is far removed from the original.

Huh. I had that open already. It was the first search result when I searched "jargon file". (The second was the Wikipedia page.)

Edit: the Wikipedia article has this link, I'm not sure if that's actually the 1.0.3 jargon file.

Oh, well done! Yes, that's the version I remember. But it still doesn't have "it says here." My mind is going!

Huh. I wonder if any other versions had it.

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