It's hard to get back to the base website now

On the top bar, it used to say "Home Page, Run Snap!, Explore" but now it says "External link, Most liked, Privacy". Can you please make it so that we can access the base website again from the top bar? Also votes are apparently back now but i thought you said it would be removed. Maybe this is a glitch in the website that runs the forum system itself, because i'm thinking what's happening is they are forcing all websites to have the official forum system aspects. Also I know it's easy to just enter in the other link, but it's way easier to click on a button than to type a few keys on a keyboard to get into a link.

Already reported

Thank you. I hope they respond to that too.

This too.

I was wrong; it's @cycomachead who maintains the forum.

Anyway that's clearly a bug and I'm sure it'll be fixed any nanosecond now...

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