This forum's main menu (or navigation bar)

Is it me? or was the Snap! Forum's main menu navigation bar recently changed?

It now has three top items:

  1. External link: a link to the Discourse forum (why? and why not call it by its name?); (disappears as one scrolls down)
  2. Most liked: a list of topics with most :+1:'s (weren't popularity contests anathema here?);
  3. Privacy (OK, I can see why that's relevant; I would suggest to add: house rules).

I would have expected a link to Snap!'s main page, and perhaps to Run, and Explore (weren't they here earlier?)

What do other forum users think?

It happens to me, too. So I guess that this is an update with the forum's main menu.

Or I guess that this is probably a bug with the forums, but I'm not sure. :confused:

I don't think this was intentional, because they wouldn't have put a link to most liked, as likes are turned off in the forum. The external link seems like a placeholder.

Also, by the way, that's the navigation bar, not the main menu.


Yeah, yesterday it was different. @bh? @jens? Do either of you know what's going on?

Hey @bromagosa, you may want to look into this, if you haven't heard already.

Yeah, this is clearly a mistake. No need to poll the users about it. :~)

I was wrong, it's @cycomachead who maintains the forum.

This has been fixed.

It was fixed in the blink of an eye

I don't see any links on my phone, before it would show one (I want to say it was the community site, but it could've been run snap).

How did it happen?

How did what happen?


  • Before I respond, I am finally back on this site after a year just about! I plan to be on here for now on! I'm sorry for the break.

Based off my experience, I think this is just simply a HTML formatting issue. But I'm not sure, as I am not a web designer, just an artist and programmer. Messing up HTML pages can happen often, especially if it has messy spagetti code. This is why whenever I code, I like to keep everything as tidy as possible. But please DONT take my word for it, I am NOT smart enough to know these things just by guessing.

Edit 8:54 - I also do not think this change was intentional, but hey, thats just me

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... Expect that, I did not.
But in all honesty,

I asked that in reply to this

, so... yeah.

Whoops, my bad-

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Nonononono, it's fine, I just didn't expect what happened. Did you get the reference I did at the beginning?

Honestly, I'm just as lost as you. :anger:

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? What do you mean by that?

That made my day

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:slight_smile: So you get it?