Islamic Geometry

This is proving very engaging and decidedly open ended.
Happy to present at next Snap Con
Coding Australia

Nice work! Do you know about James Clayson's book Visual Modeling with Logo? It's from a long time ago, but he explores some of the same territory you do.

yay islamic geometry

I love it! Incidentally the other day @bh and I have been exploring some patterns that reminded me of Islamic Geometry:

Thanks Jens,
I'll be reviewing some of my examples. This looks a lot better.
Also checking my notes from your videos on Recursion.

Thanks. I'll check it out. Have you followed the link to John's pages (Islamic Geometry)? Amazing stuff.

Yes it's exciting stuff.

This is the Recursion I'm grappling with.

I have now. Terrifyingly intellectual. As an American I always feel distinctly inferior to you foreigners, who seem serious in a way we rarely equal. Imho.

Don't sell yourself short. Spent 5 years trying to implement in Australia. I think John's Canadian.

Well he seems to be a very British Canadian then! :~)

The deer fooled me. Speaking of Poms, this one's got a bit of cheek charging for it.

Hi Jens,
Is there a way to fill with gradient colours?

Not yet, sorry.

No worries. Thank you.

... but with some effort you can fake it:
before: before

after: after

The idea is that first you fill the region with a color you don't otherwise want to use, then use the x position within the costume (or y position for a vertical gradient) to determine the color of just the points with that color. I had to putz around with the numbers to get something like what I wanted, but I bet Jens's animation library could help with that.

Oh, and if you want the gradient on the stage you just STAMP it.

Cheers Brian

Here's my crude attempt.
Spinning Motif

One of catnaps challenges
A different character of ten-point geometry


Now one of us should invent a generalized FILL WITH GRADIENT block that floodfills the same-color region around the sprite, like FILL, but with an easing function input.

My next task is to calculate the coordinates of the arc end points rather than resort to hit and miss.

Yeah, that's the benefit of filling the region with an unused color first. Works for any old irregular shape, too.

PS I just this minute figured out that your icon is a straightedge and compass, and you're a geometer. :~)