Islamic Geometry

Brilliant idea for generating gradients programmatically!
Instead of a general flood-fill block you could also experiment with the PASTE block on a costume derived from PEN TRAILS.

Close - an aerial pov of dude at computer keyboard forming two letters for Coding Australia. Former teacher among other things.

Aw, no fair! My first thought was that the first symbol was C for Coding, but I couldn't figure out how Australia starts with I.

Thanks! If I ever get out from under my task list, I'll consider working on gradients.

My latest effort using gradients. It's all calculated and my brain hurts. Go to Quadcurve

Forgot the xml mess

Wow, that's breathtakingly beautiful!

That's one way of putting it. I found a project I did from your OSAP sessions using pixel map which might morph into something less breathtaking.

Now for any shape :thinking:

Now for any shape :slight_smile:

That looks really cool. You can even make spots by putting Gradients script pic (2) in the gradient function.


If you don't need the output as pen trails, you can use Gradients script pic, but you have to set the 4th value (transparency) to 255 instead of 0.

Thank you. Would like to try drawing the circle of quadcurves rather than pentrailing.