Is this true, jens?

@jens @bh

Is it true that @jens threatened to remove the "Create Variables" library?

Bye ;(

RIP @slate_technologies
He pinged Jens


I'm not dead (yet)!

And Jens isnt on (yet)!

Ok, but seriously, Jens doesnt want anybody using any library tbh

Bro best of luck to you, if you make it until tomorrow. Might as well have pinged @banme

I've literally pinged jens for like 10 times...

Nothing has happened.
Besides, I am NOT complaining about Scratch, because if I did, then @bh will ban me. So...

guess i gotta make a memorial project now...

I pinged him once when I first joined the forums and got hit with Jen’s saying publicly to Brian “whoa, please don't call on me. I'm reading these posts and you better want this project to fly below the radar of my furor. bh this is what I'm talking about.” This took me like 10 minutes to find the post so I could paste that. When I read it first I got scared as heck.

You also pinged him twice in two posts.

Your dead meat:/ make the memorial someone.

Why does it even matter if he threatened that? I mean he basically threatens all the libraries constantly so yeah probably. I mean, people agree and disagree on many different things. I feel like this post itself is too short or unnecessary. Plus you did a big no-no and pinged Jen’s, not only that but you pinged him twice. You also pinged him for the simplest and a short question. If you are to ping Jen’s I’d say only do it if Snap! completely broke or all of your projects just got deleted or over written. Please refer to this post. Section 4, Subsection 1 and 2. (4-2,1)

I can change it to a different category...

Please refer to.

Quote doesn't show...

Welp, now it does.

I mean the question itself is just way to short, not a big deal, so yeah.


I better run away before that happens. Goodbye, good people of the world. I'll leave and live with @oscar_robinson instead.

It was much scarier for me because I literally joined the forums like a week before that.

Seriously thought, in the future to avoid king Jen’s, you should not @ him unless something really bad happens if it’s a question like this, maybe not even bh but a fellow Snapper like me or someone else.

But I did want an official response.

Where's that post where he starts to complain about the libraries?

Well bh has said before that Jen’s doesn’t like some libraries, I’ve seen others quote it. Basically he doesn’t like most libraries. I think he likes Arduino and stuff though. Yeah I don’t keep track of my posts so I do not know.

Oh okay. So it's confirmed then.

I thought he only hated the Getters and Setters library.