Is having a full address ‘ok’ for your location?

Self explanatory, for instance look at my user card and at the location. Is this ok to have.

look up the address I have had

I don't think it would be ok, especially if you're a minor. I don't want some randome dude figuring out where I live, so I just put "In my house, duh" obviously as a joke.

No, of course not, unless you are over 18. (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is okay as long as you're not a Biden.)

What's with the partial blackface? I'm not sure that's okay either. Although it reminds me of this comic.

We’ll look up the address in my user card… I think it’s ok especially as Brian says that it is.

I don't think it's blackface, I think that would've been called out a long time ago if It was.

I don't think it's blackface, just him being edgy.


I think that is where the presidents of the United States lives

That's the White House

Isnt that also where the president lives inside the white house?

They're both true.

okay, and also i will try and edit your block text thing for reporters!

I think i'm about to add C Shaped blocks now!

Okay, but lets continue this conversation in your topic, instead of hijacking this one.

Okay. Don't wanna turn this into the "my project" topic

What is partial blackface?

(Oh: for those who do know know, I do Roblox and had a profile picture done of my Roblox “virtual avatar” which at the time had a partial demonic face (not intended as black face))

The item itself also has a pastel blue, white, and other variants. You can notice it has a red eye making it more suggestive to a corrupted figure. It has nothing to do with black face.

Without mask is more clear:

For the longest time I was so confused on what it was that you thought was blackface, because their profile picture is definitely not blackface, but everyone else knew what you were talking about. Maybe I should have looked at the link earlier.

That’s exactly what I thought. It took me a bit but I saw it but there are some hints to it not being black face along with just having to know the story of it.

There's some history about this in the design of the BJC logo:

My first design just had the letters. Dan added the smile, but he drew it black. I rejected that, because I have my browser set to white-on-black, and the smile would be invisible. But making it white, which would work for me, wouldn't work for the oppressed multitudes who don't know how to set their browsers to white-on-black. So I suggested a white smile with a black border. That was vehemently vetoed by Dan because it looked like blackface! He was right, of course, but that had never occurred to me -- I was just solving a technical problem with a technical solution. And that's how we ended up with 50% gray.

ok yes but what is a black face