Introducing the Hyposyn Development Program! (HDP)

I have released 4 Versions of SnipOS - "The Simpler Option" and how they might seem great, nothing is perfect and the software versions have countless bugs.

That's why I need you! (The community) to research and help fix bugs across all Hyposyn projects!

If you are interested, (or have suggestions for anything.) Reply below!

im interested

Alright! ill invite you to the collection in a bit!



I am VERY interested in helping. Count me in!

I wanna job at Hyposn as a web developer, but for free I guess, I’ll stick to my 2 peanut per day pay and my parents basement.


Alright! here is the public beta for the new SnipOS update.

Alright! when ever you do start working on the website, invite me to it.

Alright, first I need all graphics (if any) for Hyposn.

alright! let me get them rq..

pixil-frame-0 - 2022-10-25T091119.509
pixil-frame-0 - 2022-10-25T091512.152

Yes a blank screen awesome

I thought SnipOS was supposed to be fast

Well it's in beta, and not to be fully released for a month so not everything is there yet.

But it's really slow

It's fine for me, what parts are slow? it could be you connection though.

How could my connection affect something local to my computer

Look man idk, it's fine for me only takes like a few seconds to load idk.