Introducing SnipOS 6!

The long-awaited (lol) new version of SnipOS is finally here!!
(By the way, I'm making sure that every 6th of every month will be the day that the new SnipOS update is released.

Welcome to SnipOS 6.

SnipOS is an operating system simulator by Hyposyn Software. There are 5 main versions, each one getting more and more capable as time progresses.

SnipOS 6 is the new, most powerful application that hyposyn has made on Snap!

Featured Feature: Fusion
Fusion lets you run two (supported) apps at once!

We have included 4 New High-Quality Applications, 3 of which are made by the community.

Hydro Tracks (With Native Plugins)
Fusion Motorsport 2 (With Expansion Pack)
Notebook (A more powerful note-taking application)
Hyposyn Search (with Hyvo support)
Hyposyn Calculator
And many more apps.

Here is everything new you need to know about SnipOS 6.

LXP Studio
Hyposyn's most powerful DAW yet for advanced users. with auto-play recording, over 15 piano instruments, and 10x faster than Hydro Tracks without turbo mode

Hydro Tracks is the hyposyn simple way of making music. Including MintXD, CaliChords, and more.

Notebook (or Analog Notebook) is the new way to take notes on SnipOS. Including page support and supports making your novel up to 10 pages!*

Hyposyn Maps.

One of the most powerful applications on SnipOS 6, is a google maps alternative.

Press "Space" to set the location to a custom longitude and latitude.

All SnipOS 6 sessions come with 32HB (Hyposyn Bytes) to save the system from crashing. You can expand the storage using codes, though, it increases the chance of errors in applications like Paint and Notebook.

A middle-ground between kb and MB, still in alpha testing though.

Bug fixes & Changes:

Major updates to the start menu
Lock Screen customization (coming soon)
Home screen customization
Larger Canvas sizes in Paint
“Maps” Application added to view the world map (coming soon)
SpikeAI v0.79
Syn16 Render fixed and updated to Syn32
Animation support
60% faster loading
Fixes major render errors
Fixes major camera errors.
And more.

Check it out now!

The tutorial says that this OS is SnipOS 5.

knew there was something i didnt change, should be fixed in a little bit.

it's fixed.

why have the loading just to keep decreasing it?
it's not loading anything, it's just a loop in the "counterforloading" sprite
you can just remove it entirely

I'll remove it in the next update.

UPDATE 1.0.1

Just a minor update that fixes & changes somethings.

I've made a simple calculator for your OS

Thank you! ill check it out!

It’s on snap

It’s called space land galaxy update

Can you add my game to it I’ve been working on it for months and would love to see it added

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You should ask here instead.