Introducing ANØDE, out now!

ANØDE is here!!

More Info: ANØDE - Official Teaser Trailer

Play Now: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks


Move Left, Left arrow.
Move right, right arrow.
jump, up arrow (main area only) and space bar.
Sneak: down arrow (main area only)
Shoot (main area only) click)
Shoot (everywhere else) enter

@slate_technologies we are open to a review :slight_smile:

i like the game and i cant wait for updates

There's a small bug in the beginning of the game -- you can drag the house around.

I’ll patch that soon.

Thank you, I’m planning on making sequels

Oh, okay. Thank you! Sorry for the late reply, but I'll try the game now!
EDIT: Hehe, my computer can't run the game very well. Maybe at home I'll use my better and definitely not school computer.

EDIT 2: Okay, tried the game, looks good so far (for a Snap! Game, considering the fact that Snap doesn't have its own sprite editor, thus the kind-of-bad artstyle of the main menu), needs more enemies though. Overall...

Gameplay: 8.5/10. The controls feel a bit snappy because it's Arrow Key Controls and I have to use my left hand to control the Touchpad...I'd prefer WASD controls with my right hand controlling the touchpad.

Story: I kind of forgot how I structured my game reviews and I'll just start with a Gameplay, Storyboard, Overall type of rating. I'll give a detailed rating later. Anyways the story gives itself when you press "Lore", which doesn't at all make for a good game. Overall the gameplay is wasted over the Lore and Storyboard. 2/10 on storytelling.

So...uh...overall would be...11.2/20. Again, my game rating system needs some improvement and I have yet to figure out my old grading system.

My complaint is that when you die the game stops and you have to sit through the intro again, and there's no mention of controls. A button with a list of controls is a great idea.

Blockquote Looks good so far (for a Snap! Game, considering the fact that Snap doesn't have its own sprite editor, thus the kind-of-bad artstyle of the main menu)

To be fair, the whole thing with Snap! is if you want that, build it yourself? Then submit it to the staff to see if they'll accept it as a library?

Snap! is a toolkit, moreso than scratch is and it's designed to teach those ideas on how you would build those things yourself. It's primarily a teaching language, and a powerful one at that.

No, no, I...sorry, but I believe you have it all wrong. Snap! users have been requesting a built-in Vector Sprites Editor for Snap! (similar to the one that Scratch has) for a VERY long time by now, and it's not even close to completion. bh (or some other dev, sorry but I forgot) has mentioned that the Vector Sprites Editor will come to Snap! soon...but for now, all you can really do is use an external photo editing software to make your sprites for Snap! games and projects.

ANOTHER thing with Snap! is that, if you make a library, it still is limited to Blocks. You can try to code a Vector Editor into Snap! (good luck with that chuckles) with JS or some other code, but I guarantee you it probably won't work as well as you think it will.

Thank you for your rating. ANODE 1 is much more of a test for people to see if they like the genre. ANODE II will be better in every way now that I know people like it.

Nah, don't make another version of Anøde! Continue working on Anøde I! Add something to the base game, do anything! Make it fully complete before working on Anøde II.

I’m going to do some fixes on this version. But I want there to be a series for the game. I haven’t started working on it yet. Expect an update to anode 1 later this week

Alright then, I'm stoked.

It needs a better movement engine

Yeah thats what ive been working on, thank you for feedback!! :slight_smile:

what if i helped you

Yes please

ok but im making a 3d raycaster rn

trying, anyways