ANØDE - Official Teaser Trailer

You play as Mojave, a hitman that works with the cartel to kill off anyone messing with them.
This story is based in New Mexico, where Mojave, (Real name: Ludovic Albescu,) a Romanian born assassin from Bucharest. He was charged with the homicide of his family that he didn't do. He works for a small cartel working on killing the people who wronged them, so he can get money to avenge his family..

Here are some screenshots of the game

Screenshot 2023-07-28 12.56.28 PM
Screenshot 2023-07-28 12.55.53 PM
Screenshot 2023-07-28 12.55.32 PM

The game will be out August 8th 2023

Watch the trailer on youtube now.

Only on Snap!Cloud.

Any thoughts?

seems interesting.
(btw what video editor do you use?)

Clipchamp, it’s really good