Im trying to make a horror game

anyone wanna collab with me

here is a link:

This should be in #requests-to-the-community:collaborations.

there we go

Thank you.

your welcome

I can probably help you. What will the game be about?

It will be about how you are driving in a car trying to get home to your house after works when your car breaks down. Your phone is dead so you have no way of contacting anyone. Feeling sad you decide to just walk home last time you checked it said you were 2.7 miles away from home. At least you can get home safe... right?

So would it be a psychological horror game?

kindof but it will also rely on alot of ambiance as eventually you will get stuck in the forest while being hunted so yeah

you might want to save the link because i will eventually delete it as i really dont want anyone else to have any sneak peaks on the game as it is still under development

Oh OK. I can DM you using Private Messages

is it okay if you use email instead or something like that because i dont have a phone

I'd want to redo the whole artstyle altogether as the car might look too small compared to the character I'm imagining and making.

ok that will be perfectly fine im just not good at drawing on a chromebook.

i use a chromebook to do all of this stuff as it is mobile therefore i can work on these games easier

I use a school chromebook as I know the password, unlike my dad's computer where I don't know what the password is, and I use Google Drawings (Even though it sucks) to make sprites for games and projects in Snap!.

same i use a school chromebook too!

i changed the link since it wouldnt save my changes so now it saved

The thing is that a long time ago, my parents set a password on my other computer so if I wanted to use it, I'd have to do everything I have to do for the day, and use it for only 30 minutes (I go to school and end at about 2:55, then for many hours, I do work and eat dinner in the process, then I walk my dog at 8:00 after dinner for 1 hour, then at 9:00 at the night I come back, take a shower, and it's about 9:20 when I am finished. Then for only 30 minutes I have freedom to use my computer. There, I make Unity games, make a few things in CAD, and then I sleep)

wow that seems like a packed schedule all i have to do is wake up at 6:45 and get ready like usual after that i go to school at 8:00 and then stay there until 3:20. after that i go to a after school camp until 5:00 and then i am at home which then i usually play on my ps4 and then after that i eat dinner at around 7:00 and then after dinner i play on my ps4 again untill my bedtime which is at 8:30 so yeah

Maybe you should probably spend that PS4 playing time to make your game, no offense. But I'm not to judge you about your actions so...