I'm being serious. How do i make my own block-based programing language

nvm i just need help with making a snap mod rn

Why is this in #help:snap-help??

bc i need help with making a mod.

Then put it in #advanced-topics:extensions

It cannot to definite this. Not everything is on plate! Nobody tell you. You learn by
experience, by events in your life.

It's allowed to make a mod of snap, just some people don't like it when you mod snap inside snap with the javascript function block.

Why would you make a Block-Based programming language when there are already Block-Based programming languages out there already? Take Snap! by Berkeley, Blockly by Google, or MIT App Inventor by MIT.

Also a "Mod" is another version of Snap! with your own changes. You don't make a Snap! mod inside Snap!. You download the source code, and then you edit it and then you release it, just like what @earthrulerr or @joecooldoo did with their Snap! Jr mod. That was a real mod that you could download.

Also you said that it is technically an OS in your old posts about Snap+. So this is not a mod. Do NOT post a "Snap! Mod" if it isn't a Snap! Mod at all.

That was a project.

That was the mod.

Oh sorry. I just thought that they were mods because, well, those topics were posted in the "Mods" section.

Snap! Jr. (Snap! Jr.) is a mod!

I think instead of arguing about what is or isn't a mod, it'd be more fruitful to find out what the OP actually wants to do, in detail, which is entirely non-obvious to me so far.

what if they don't have what you want, or what if you want to make your own, so you can have experience with that sort of thing. Don't discourage people from making something even though it's already been made many times.

thank you. and its not something i want to fully dedicate to right now

Or Scratch by MIT.
(I don't know why I said this, Snap! is supposed to be a sucessor, sorta)

I choose not to talk about this for a while in fear that I'd accidentally say something offensive, so no.

Anyways I chose "Snap", "Blockly", and "MIT App Inventor" because I'm more fond of them, know that those services could be trusted, and also because I haven't had any previous run-ins to the point that I get banned for a certain period of time (for now :grimacing:...)

When they came out with Scratch Jr. I jokingly suggested to Mitch that we change the name of Snap! to "Scratch Sr." He wasn't pleased. :slight_smile:

It depends what you mean by "successor." We don't see ourselves as a replacement for Scratch; for one thing, we'll never match their million-kid community. But if you mean "after you've exhausted all the things you can learn in Scratch, Snap! is a plausible next step," then yeah.

Blockly isn't a block language; it's a block language construction kit. That's why they could build Scratch 3.0 on top of it.

Jeez, could you be any more on-the-nose?


This, is what you are wanting?

Edit: tommorow I will work on a block based coding language in Snap!. Night.

I tried making one using Python (And failed) because one repl.it user named "CSharpIsGud" started dissing me out (And programmeruser did too but not as critical as CSharpIsGud)

I quit on it shortly because I liked making games more than I did work on my programming language.

What do you mean? WHY ARE YOU SAYING THIS?!
Why are you saying that I'm "on-the-nose" if you are as well?