I'm being serious. How do i make my own block-based programing language


Okay, both of you, stop now. Last warning.

i know.

You may start from making mod,
check existing code understand how it work.

you may start from making block-based programming language to do these :
logic, loops, math and variables.


thank you

I already tried editing the og code, snap.html wouldn't load after that.

Because there is an error in your code.

I'm gonna stick to not modding then.
Making the custom blocks is easier and tbh more enjoyable.

If you know exactly what to change and where to change it, then yes, you should totally fork Snap! and mod it.

I, personally, have a Snap! fork (called Oyster- it's on Github if you'd like to look at it) that I only use for adding my own libraries. That's pretty much all that I changed!

unrelated basic tutorial for adding custom libraries to a snap fork

This tutorial is under the assumption you have already forked Snap! and have a not-banned, valid Github account.

Step 1: Get your blocks. Delete anything unused, and then export specifically the blocks. Not the project or the script, just the blocks.

Step 2: Rename the file to something short and memorable. If you can't do this on your computer for whatever reason, you can do it in Github in the next step.

Step 3: Upload your XML file into the libraries folder. If you have an extremely long name for your XML file, I would suggest editing it down to a shorter name, like cloud-vars.xml if your blocks are cloud variables.

Step 4: Open the LIBRARIES file in the libraries folder. You should add text based on the following template:
(name of file).xml (name of library) (description of library)
Note that those white spaces need to be there- exactly those same characters. The parentheses, however, shouldn't be included unless you want/need them to be.

Now, if you only want it to show up on whatever hosting service, this is where you would be done. But I would suggest also adding your library to sw.js under the main, where you will need to add your library under all the libraries in the template format of:
but replacing "libraryname" with whatever your library is called.

That's not really nodding that's just adding a file and adding a piece of text in a file. I would consider something like Snap! Jr. an actual mod, because your modifying large amounts of code, and you have to deal with syntax.

Technically, by the definition of a mod, a mod, or modification, is something that modify a game or program, and adding a library to snap would be modifying snap so yes, it is a mod.

@pajamaclaws21 When ever I open the library thing on my snap, It asks me to select a file from my computer.

also, no I'm not...
(sorry Joe)

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