Ideas for games?

I don't know what game to make. Any ideas?

rules: not too simple, but not incredibly complex either
only 2D (3D is too complex)
no platformers (laggy and generic)
no remakes of games, please (i like to be original!)

make a virtual tic tac toe

too simple, more complex idea?

okay do a 3d adventure game

um...too complex this time. no 3D, please?

do a platformer (as if we need more of those)

i have dabbled in the field but it always glitches out whenever i try it or it lags a lot


an animator

karlson 2d

you can follow this tutorial :point_up_2:

Make a platformer where you can walk on walls, like sonic.

that's made in unity, not snap, and unity has it's own physics engine, which snap does not. Unity also has built in camera movement, which, again, is not in snap. When looking for a tutorial on how to do something, look for a tutorial for that programming language, not any programming language.

I do love watching dani's videos

I mean, it's hard to find a snap tutorial.
I love watch dani’s video too :smiley:
How about remake among us/ fall guys but with more roles?

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Fall guys are 3d but among us, I think will work

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rules have been updated

original ideas for a game, no platformers please?

If we have good ideas, why we have to tell u instead of making them ourselves?
I know this is a very selfish question, but it is true

because its helpful

thats like saying "why give that starving man money when i can buy food for myself?"

also you don't have to give me ideas.

how about a shooting X parkour game

Or a MOBA game