I Vectorized The Snap! Logo

What editor are you using?


Well, I use the paint editor too! But I use the one in actual Scratch.

How'd you do the variable width strokes, then?

I used a modified circle.

It works for me.

What’s that sentence for?

- Brian Harvey, Tuesday, January 11th, 2022.

Well, I think your efforts were valid anyways. ;)


I used to think that anyhow was casual slang and that anyways was the formal version until today.

Great, I finally taught someone! :~D

AI that does that already exists.


@joecooldoo i fixed up the snap forum logo


Screenshot 2022-01-12 7.54.50 AM

180p >> 1080p


What’s the issue here?
I do have vectors of all variants of snap logos. :slight_smile:

Oh, sorry, the issue is that this version has the correct font for "Forum."

But the logo in the forum right now does already use the correct font. :slight_smile:

Oh oops it didn't look like it until I zoomed in, partly because the "Snap!" part is bolder than the "Forum" part. @sladescar's one has them at the same weight. Sorry!