I Vectorized The Snap! Logo

I vectorized the Snap! logo by hand!




Vector Snap! Icon

Giraffee Joecooldoo 2021



I wonder if it's possible to make a Snap! project that upscales pictures.

You would probably need AI technology.

This looks epic!

Someone could use your AI thing to make their Upscale project


How? It's only for text.

Hey uh could i use the vectorized logo for my Snap+ project?


ok thanks!

I actually think I might try to make that.

OK. I'd like to see!

Thanks for this labor of love!

Are you proposing this as a replacement for the existing logo? Or as an approved alternative for third-party documents? I can see how it might be interesting for use at very small sizes, as in favicons. But I personally find the fixed stroke width offputting; this may be a generational preference, as in the choice between serif and sans-serif fonts.

In some respects your version benefits from the scalability of vector images. But in other ways it's imperfect, especially in the lettering of "Snap!"; it would be better if you could use the actual Candara font in vector form. In particular, the top part of the "a" is too high and too straight; the "p" isn't tall enough. (Sorry, I'm a font fanatic.)

In the tab at the bottom, the left edge is (correctly) at a diagonal but the right edge is vertical. And those edges are curved.

And just in general, the fixed stroke width misses some of the elegance of variable-width strokes, as in the lambda, which gets thicker at the bottom right, and the swoosh at the top.

Where the descender of the "p" crosses the bottom edge, there should be a gap in the latter on each side of the descender.

This looks cool. You are extremely talented.

Man if this better be the new snap! logo

Vector Snap! Icon
I slightly corrected

Made some small corrections

Cool! Try making it with variable width.